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Allow your new patients to enter their own demographic, emergency contact, insurance, and medical history information online.

Quickly and easily store incoming faxes and other electronic documents directly to a patient's chart.

Securely access and update your patients' health records anywhere you have an internet connection, including your mobile device.

Streamline your clinical information workflow, focus on your patients, and leave the information technology challenges to us.

Partnering with Providers

There are a growing number of physicians who work from a number of locations: various hospitals, outpatient surgical facilities, emergency rooms, their offices, and their homes.

They need access to their patient information, patient medical records, and billing information from wherever they might be. They also need to give selective access to this information to data entry personnel, billing and collections personnel, other doctors they might be collaborating with, etc.

This need for data access and viewing across geographic boundaries and networks necessitates an Internet based Electronic Medical Records System.

The business rules and workflow of the eHealthRecord solution have been designed by two surgeons who are using the system on a daily basis for their clinical documentation and billing documentation needs.


About eHealth7

Who We Are
We are a Software as a Service Provider whose mission is to provide high quality, robust, inter-operable, intuitive online health record (OHR) solutions for healthcare providers and their patients.

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We believe in providing comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of our users. Please explore our site to learn more about how we can help meet your needs.


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