Thursday, July 18, 2024

eHealthRecord Features: Reporting & Data Analysis

One of the primary benefits of the eHealthRecord system is the easy access to web reporting, the ability to transform the web reports into a variety of formats (excel, .pdf, etc..), and the ability to have custom reports created for your practice as the need arises. There are a wide variety of reports that are pre-programmed into the eHealthRecord application.

eHealthRecord becomes your query expert allowing you to spend less time analyzing data and more time using the results of data analysis. Here are a few features of the eHealthRecord Reporting module:

  Querying Data Data reports are designed to meet your practice’s needs and easily accessed in the Reports section of eHealthRecord. Many reports contain fields to enter date ranges or an enrollment status type so you can further specify the report parameters.
  Exporting Data All reports can be exported in a variety of formats for data analysis or sharing. Common formats include: Excel, PDF, and HTML.
  New Reports Creating new reports for your practice can be accomodated with a custom report development arrangement, so as your practice’s reporting needs changes we will meet these needs.
  User Maintenance Add/delete user accounts and manage the level of access for current users.

CaresAccess can not only generate queried data, it can also analyze this data into charts and graphs.

All of the reports in CaresAccess can be easily downloaded into a variety of formats including excel, pdf, and html.

All reports in CaresAccess are prebuild quaries, however have additional fields to enter a date range so you can easily narrow the scope of your report.

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